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I am a single, 26 y/o, white, middle-class, very smart, attractive guy.

Most of my life is filled with success, except for one HUGE gap.

The fact that you’re worried about how to act suggest to me that your brain is more focused on what the woman might want from you rather than what you might want from the woman.

And if I have stated it correctly there, I think that is part of the problem because that is exactly backwards from how it should be.

” again and again the next time you are in a dating situation and see if it doesn’t help.

You need to develop your own perspective – what you want – and avoid allowing the perspective of other people to colonize your head.

You could go a long way towards solving your problem by 1) dating (internet dating is easiest), 2) working with a therapist on your anxiety, fear of rejection and tendency to view yourself through other’s eyes rather than your own.

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