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Never, because Carbon-14 dating decays away at a rate that there wouldn’t be any left if the bones were millions of years old (as my daughter so aptly pointed out).In fact, there wouldn’t be any left if the bones were even close to 100,000 years old.

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But once again, how do we know the bones are that old?

Obviously, the scientists have highly technical dating methods that they use to date the bones. The scientists don’t even date the bones themselves.

Remember, the fossil “should be” somewhere between 70-100 million years old (according to their pre-established ages for the geologic column). that the bones are not really millions of years old.

Perhaps the Uranium method yielded an age of 1.2 billion years. There was another example regarding an incredible discovery of thousands of dinosaur bones in northern Alaska that were almost completely “fresh”, meaning that there was hardly any fossilization (permineralization).

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