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This friend complained frequently to my mother about how unfair this was.

My mother told us about it and said, "I had four children and only two of you had children. "If this couple wanted grandchildren, maybe they should have had another child or two themselves, increasing the odds.

Let's give this guy the benefit of the doubt -- that even after decades of gazing lovingly into his wife's eyes, he just can't figure it out.-- Rebecca Dear Rebecca: Not all readers lambasted those who don't know a partner's eye color.

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-- Longing for Silence Dear Longing: You are in all likelihood getting old and crabby, along with the rest of us.

But even the old and crabby have a right to work out in relative peace.

You are not going to be engaged forever because you need to break off the engagement.

Six years of weekend dates but no wedding date isn't much of an engagement."Serena" doesn't want to get married. Either she would tell you, or she would engage in some obvious premarriage behavior.

They made the decision as to how many children they would have, and their son is doing the same.-- Diane Dear Diane: Many readers pointed out that if this couple were so eager to have grandchildren, then they should have had more children themselves.

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