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PHOTOS: Hot Canadians Phaneuf's aunt told the paper that the bash was "not as glamorous as I thought it would be.

It's an Island wedding." Arriving with five bridesmaids at the church around p.m., the blonde alum gave "high-fives to her attendants," with onlookers outside church clapping and cheering as the women entered the church for the ceremony.

"It's such a quiet place that we can be ourselves and not get bothered too much and have a real summer away from the hustle and bustle of our lives," Cuthbert said of the area in a 2008 interview.

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Dating elisha cuthbert

PHOTOS: Best TV wedding dresses The couple sped away post-vows in a vintage Camaro SS -- the bride's wedding gift to the groom!

The reception went down at the couple's summer home in the area.

A former member of Rhoda’s team at IMG models says when the blue-eyed Maryland stunner joined the agency in 2005, she became one of its “top girls.” Under her mother’s management, she walked the runway at Balenciaga and Chanel and, in 2007, landed a lucrative contract with Estée Lauder.

That deal would last seven years, and, according to a source, add a whopping $12 million to her bank account.

He blew up at a 20-year-old assistant who offered him a slice of pizza, reducing the woman to tears.

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