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We would go for a spin in his Benz, park and fool around, but we never slept together. He'd promise to take me to some posh hotel for the weekend, where we would consummate our affair. At the same time, I wanted out of my life as an exotic dancer.

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Leave the Begijnhof and immediately take left to the Gedempte Begijnesloot dead end street.

A former adult entertainer's tale of love, sex and abstinence."So let me get this straight. I mean I've only been with like four guys and they were all serious relationships," I said.

" Blair asked."We do other things," I replied, as the DJ announced: "Next up we have the lusciooous, gorgeooous Kieeersten! I took half of a Xanax out of my tiny antique pill box and washed it down with cheap bubbly.

I (Thought I) Needed Someone To Take Care Of Me As I swayed my hips on stage my thoughts drifted to Ryan.

» Begijnhof The Begijnhof is an enclosed courtyard dating from the early 14th century.

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