Dating advice posts

And if you’re just a curious bystander, you’ll get an interesting look at just how much the advice-seekers are able to rationalize the actions of their errant partners, family members and coworkers.

The only problem is that you might have a hard time looking away.

The best advice is of the “shit or get off the pot” variety, wherein redditors are prodding the advice-seekers to take the action that they know is necessary, deep down.

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• This one seems fake, but it’s still interesting because of Reddit’s reaction.

A woman is hanging out with her boyfriend when he abruptly pulls a dirty sock and a dirty thong out of her ‘s dirty laundry hamper.

Redditors correctly diagnose this as stalker-ish behavior and tell her to stop all contact with him. • A 19-year-old finds out her 20-year-old friend is in love with her dad after peeping at her secret online journal.

• Someone has a coworker who’s either a drug addict or just a shithead, and she needs advice on how to make her bosses understand he’s a liability. She tries to set them up and the dad, thankfully, declines to bed his daughter’s best friend. • A 23-year-old woman is out for a post-dinner walk with her 45-year-old boyfriend. He pauses to take a shit on the side of the road often.

• A woman’s boyfriend has been engaging in shady texting practices throughout their entire relationship. This is because he has a hard time planning his potty schedule. She notices an unleashed dog nearby and notifies her boyfriend. Later, on the way home, he belittles and screams at her. Thankfully, the people of Reddit correctly identify the boyfriend as an abusive asshole and advise her to dump him.

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