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You may not like the fact that they’re hanging out with someone else and having a lot of fun, or you may just feel insecure about losing your lover to someone else.While jealousy due to misunderstanding is acceptable, irrational jealousy isn’t.Last year, Vanessa Hudgens opened up about the reason for her 2010 split from Efron, according to .

And that’s not surprising since both Vanessa Hudgens and Efron are exceptionally talented and popular celebrities, each with a devoted fan base.

In her 2015 interview with the Vanessa Hudgens added that she eventually just couldn’t do it anymore because this jealousy was making her do crazy things.

But rumor has it that Butler is holding back Hudgens from spending time with Efron.

Butler is so jealous that he reportedly doesn’t even allow his girlfriend to talk to her ex-boyfriend off set.

Shortly after their split, Efron reportedly developed problems with cocaine and alcohol and had to complete a stint in rehab.

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