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It is the pendulum of social interaction as it relates to male female relationships.

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If you are going fishing in Hungry try Christian dating or Catholic church organizations or through acquaintances that can recommend you to someone who has a healthy view of love, marriage and family.

Let me say there is nothing wrong with Hungarian girls.

It is most funny how reading thru all of the post, the only obvious conclusion is that men in their countries are more and more either rejected or disappointed by rejected and disappointed women in their countries, therefore reject or disappoint them, therefore go searching somewhere else.

This has a lot less to do with nationality or culture as it obviously happens everywhere, but with the fact that men have found they can now be betrayed, broken-hearted, as well, and are in some kind of a shock, so some of their answer is to flee to some forgotten land and find some naive girl who has not been bruised yet by their society, their ancestors or human nature, and hide.

Many guys think Hungarian girls are beautiful and educated. The con is they are too liberal for my taste, incongruent personal views are like mixing oil and water.. My review of these ladies is before you consider them for marriage think not just about their physical beauty, but their personally and the way they see the world.

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