Chinese girls dating black men stone clay dating

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Ask an Asian woman direct, and you will get your answer. I was born and raised my entire life in Chicago though, so I'm probably a bit more open-minded than first generation people. The well-educated ones are extremely polite, kind, and intelligent.

It looks stupid as hell to ask Blacks that question! I'll just mosely over there an see if you have the GUTS to post it there. It also helps that I like cute, tall, and muscular guys :) But I've found that the majority of blacks don't do much more than flirt with me...

But hey my bro is married to a hot one so don't give up hope.

Only the darker asians(phillipinos) like black guys because they look like them. To Be honest I'm a black and I,ve seen more cambodian and japenesse women with black men then with Wm.

While I can see some potential obstacles which could prove to be problematic such as issues of colorism, the desire to maintain cultural traditions by dating within one’s own ethnic group, etc., if we interrogate the underlying reasons for their existence, it becomes increasingly evident that none are necessarily specific to the Asian American community and should therefore in no way discourage Black American women from considering Asian men as potential partners.

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