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Landecker portrayed present-day Louie's date earlier in the season, in episode 9, "Bully". The pilot episode includes segments on a school field trip and an awkward first date, with subsequent episodes covering a diverse range of material including divorce, sex, depression, sexual orientation, and Catholic guilt. In the second segment, Louie goes on an awkward and unsuccessful first date (Chelsea Peretti). In the first segment, the conversation during a poker game becomes an intense exploration of gay culture.

After the show, he meets an intense fan (Liz Morton) and her intimidating brother (Ben Jeffrey) at a local diner, and a sheriff (Dan Ziskie) who just wants a little appreciation.

In the first segment, Louie deals with a heckler (Megan Hilty) during his gig at the Comedy Cellar by making rape jokes about her.

Episodes in the series have standalone plots, although some recurring roles (Louie's playdate friend Pamela, portrayed by Pamela Adlon, his co-star from Lucky Louie) occasionally provide story arc continuity between episodes.

Continuity is not enforced; there were two very different characters and actresses that served as Louie's mother in separate episodes. "I went [to Hollywood] and I had other networks offering me a lot of money to do a pilot, and I got this call from FX and they said 'Well, we can't offer you a lot of money, but if you do the show for us, you can have a lot of fun.' He was offering me $200,000 as the budget for the whole pilot and I was like 'So, what do I get paid?

FX broadcast the first season on Tuesdays at pm in the United States. The first season was released on DVD and Blu-ray in region 1 on June 21, 2011. K., who serves as the series' sole writer and director. The show has a loose format atypical for television comedy series, consisting of largely unconnected storylines and segments (described as "extended vignettes") The series is loosely based on Louis C.

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