Charlie mcdonnell alex day dating

“I wanted to talk about it face-to-face, or failing that over the phone…Now bear in mind, I’d just spent the last week having all my digital conversations regurgitated over Tumblr. One of the girls who wrote about it said ‘he was flirting with me, blah blah blah’, and they had screenshots of all these flirty messages I had sent, but not the bits where she flirted back! “Having had that happen, I didn’t want to send Charlie a big email of my thoughts…

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“I realised to grow the idea properly it needed to be removed from me.

So that’s why I started a separate channel for it.” Despite the stress he admits the sex abuse scandal has caused for his family, he still manages to find the positives from being exiled from the You Tube community.

So I didn’t want to do it his way and he didn’t want to do it my way so we never had the conversation.

It seems like he’s happy to have made his mind up, so that’s that really…

“So I said to him I wanted to have a conversation with him over the phone or preferably face-to-face and he didn’t want to do that because he felt it would be upsetting.

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