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These terms, with various nuances, suggest fragrances that smell of another time.Elisa explores some of her favorite perfume examples.

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Opium is another scent that passed me by when it originally launched (I was too young; my mom didn’t wear perfume).

I never sought it out, but I couldn’t resist picking up the parfum in a supremely classy (if not especially functional) tassel bottle when I recently saw it at a consignment shop.

In the near future, I suspect, the berry-and-peony fruity-florals and fruitchoulis that were ubiquitous in the late ‘90s and aughts will smell nostalgically old-fashioned to some, dated to others.

Hillary Clinton reportedly wears Angel, and I recently heard a young You Tube star describe as her most “mature” smelling perfume!

The name is seemingly a reference to a Paul Verlaine poem: “” I love this name, because Heure Exquise’s combination of green notes, iris, hyacinth, and vanilla comes across as achingly poignant, romantic and yet innocent.

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