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There are proud Native Americans who refuse to be pushed onto the mainland Chequamegon reservations.And there are straight-up Jimmy Buffett parrothead hippies who want nothing to do with the very citiots they once were.

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The prospect of hanging out with your girlfriend’s friend’s boyfriend feels somehow more real when you remove the safety valve of the great American freeway system. You’re going to be on an island, surrounded by the people you love, or at least people you can honestly stand, and mid-trip, when you get those sentimental never-want-this-to-end feelings, a ferry ride has the power to suspend your disbelief just a bit longer.

Madeline’s not resort-tamed, but you can easily find a cabin through VRBO or

Sure, you’re only isolated by that beer-long ferry ride, but when you realize that you’re going to be literally on an island with your vacation party—whether three or 30—you begin to think more philosophically, even strategically, about your traveling companions.

Madeline can suck you into its mindset months out—as soon as you check the ferry schedule online. The flip side to this is the slumber party corollary.

Back on dry land, we laze on beach towels, comb the sand for agates, and venture over the Town Park’s boardwalked nature loop looking for caribou moss.

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