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“All the girls who were gutsy wore short skirts with tights,” Shirley explained. When Gordon found out she and his buddy weren’t going steady, he quickly moved in.“From that time on we never dated anybody else,” Shirley said.Please search again for events in other locations near you.8minute Dating is coming soon to California Be the first to know about the events! We partner with top-notch companies to help you make connections...

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The Mead High School senior didn’t have much time for fun. His father had died when Gordon was 3, his brother Bruce was serving in World War II and his other siblings were grown and gone.

When a buddy called and offered to fix him up with a girl so they could double date, Gordon declined. His friend persisted, luring him out with the promise of a fun evening of skating at Cook’s Roller Rink (now Pattison’s).

But bringing her home to the farm proved embarrassing for Gordon.

“We had named several milk cows after our girlfriends,” he said. Shirley, two years his junior, attended Rogers, and on the night of her senior prom Gordon gave her an engagement ring.

Whether you’re dating, recently married, or have passed the 50-year mark, let us tell your tale.

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