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The leftover of his meals which he brought from hotels and markets were stinking when police went to his house to arrest him on February 2, said police.

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He had not taken a bath as well for the same period and to fight odour used costly perfumes, claimed police.

The accused used to go out on date with girls, who usually sported hijabs or scarves to conceal their identities, sources close to investigators said. Sharma was living with the accused after telling her parents that she was living in the US.

Police on Saturday said they are verifying the shocking claim made by Udyan Das (32) who was arrested for allegedly strangulating his live-in partner Akanksha Sharma (28) in December last year and entombing her body at his residence here.

"During interrogation, he has told police that he had strangulated his mother and father in 2010-11 and buried them in the compound of their house in Raipur," South Bhopal Superintendent of Police (SP) Sidharath Bahuguna told PTI on Saturday. We cannot rely on his statement as he is changing them frequently," he added.

He had LCDs in all the three rooms of his first floor flat at Sakat Nagar, they added.

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