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Other apps like Snapchat, Whats App, and even Kik claim a much higher stickiness rating, the share of the monthly users who use the particular property daily.

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The same risks are inherent for chatbot developers: If you decide to rely on major mobile app ecosystems like Line, Kik, or Facebook Messenger, you trade complete control of the ecosystem for instant access to a huge addressable potential user base.

It’s entirely possible that highly successful chatbot services could be built on top of Facebook Messenger platform.

Chatbots are one of the most interesting emerging business models in mobile tech.

At their core, they represent an entirely new way of communicating with other individuals, businesses, and services — some of these customers using chatbots themselves.

On the other hand, for vertically focused chatbots, other platforms might be more appropriate; partnerships with existing mobile apps like Trip Advisor or might be better options for travel-related chatbots, for example.

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