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"Try it, you'll like it." I get very upset when guys ask, "How can I talk my girlfriend into having anal sex?

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Analsex chatroom

It can gradually extend out through the wall of the bowel and form a channel across, through and into a nearby organ. It must be understood, if you do not want to have anal sex again, there will be no pressure, no threats and no pleading. And please wash your hands with soap and water after handling the dirty condom or you could still spread infectious material.

That's called a "fistula", and it would allow feces to flow from the rectum into the vagina and out. There are some who really enjoy giving and receiving anal pleasure; some females feel that they have their best orgasms ever; some females oblige simply because their partner really enjoys anal sex; and for other females, it is just gross, embarrassing or disgusting.

This can develop into an anal abscess that can become infected - more about that in a moment.

Also, if your partner has any of the sexually transmitted infections (STI's), then you could get infected through the tear.

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