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The Clits – Would you believe there are two bands going by this delicate moniker?The Clits (Portugal) formed in 2006 and describe themselves as an electro- punk project guided by riot-grrrl philosophy.So in alphabetical order we present a Top 50, to be eligible each artist has to have had a commercially released single or album; the internet is full of bands with appalling names who have only made available a digital file; I suggest many of these bands don’t exist, do not perform live etc – so to be in our list a band had to have had a least one physical release. Abörted Hitler Cöck – Described as a goregrind band; based in London and apparently still active; they have released the album ‘Erections At An Animal Autopsy’ a 39trk offering including ‘Using Rapebabies As Riotshields’, and more recently the 16trk EP ‘Necropaediatrician’ via Torn Flesh Recordings, don’t expect to see either of these on the shelves of your local HMV. Anal Blast – Minneapolis based deathgrind/ grindcore outfit who up to 2004 had released 3 albums, the most recent being ‘Battered Bleeding Bitch’ (Nightfall Records) which featured such gems as ‘Fecal Mud Pack’, and ‘Face Down in Their Feces(sic) They Fester’ 3.

Influenced by Joy Division, Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Nina Hagen – In December 2007 they released the 7trk EP ‘The World is a Mess But My Hair is Perfect’.

Despite their name the EP remains available on both i Tunes and Amazon.

Saw (bass), Bambi (drums) who in 2004 released the album ‘No Wicked Heart Shall Prosper’ via Horseglue Records; don’t recall seeing any tour posters to promote it…that said they did make it onto the ‘Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 03’ compilation. Spunk – Not just the title of a Sex Pistols bootleg; still active four piece free improvisation outfit from Oslo who have released six albums including 2013’s ‘Das wohltemperierte Spunk’ on local label Rune Grammofon – just can’t see the name on a poster outside Ronnie Scott’s. The Surf Wankers – Another long time dis banded outfit I am unable to find much information about – Released a sole single ‘King of the Crunchers’ via VB Records and never made it out of Shelby, USA. Syphilitic Vaginas – also known as 梅毒マンコ, and Baidoku Manko – three piece thrash metal from Japan featuring Masaru Iron Bitch (guitar, backing vocals), Yusuke Flamethrower (drums), Haruko Outlaw (vocals, bass) – have been signed to Texas based Rescued From Life Records for their career spanning at least four full albums and a 2009 7” ‘Satanic Masturbation’ 44.

Toilet Böys – five piece from New York; Miss Guy, Sean Pierce, Electric Eddie, Rocket, Adam Vomit whose 2001 self-titled debut was issued in both the USA and by Cargo for the European market.

Most recently appeared on the 2011 compilation ‘Take It or Leave It: A Tribute to the Queens of Noise – The Runaways’ with a cover of ‘Born To Be Bad, the album also featured Shonen Knife and The Dandy Warhols 45.

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