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In legislative testimony, former state Supreme Court Justice Mary Beth Kelly said some counties have exceptional programs to help juvenile offenders while others simply allow them to be placed under the Corrections Department — essentially because prison costs are entirely borne by the state.

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Keeping intact those options alleviates some of law enforcement's worries.

But Wendling said concerns remain about how to treat 17-year-olds with serious offenses who should not share a cell with a "50-year-old sex offender" or a 14-year-old "status offender" — those in juvenile detention for running away from home or curfew violations."This is a significant enough change in law that we need to have a plan," he said.

Another bill would require the state Corrections Department to develop policies ensuring that inmates under 21 are released from their cell each day and allowed outdoor exercise at least five days a week, including those in solitary confinement.

Supporters say the legislation is the latest part of the House's aggressive "smart justice" agenda to overhaul tough-on-crime policies enacted in the 1980s and 1990s."When you put 17-year-olds into the adult prison system, you end up with better criminals, more recidivism and more hardened individuals who will only come back to repeat and increase crime in our streets," said Rep. The bills' fate is uncertain primarily because of concerns over shifting state costs onto counties.

Our heartfelt thanks for their friendship and mentoring .

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