Adrian dating grenier

After weeks of rumour and speculation over the nature of their relationship, Paris Hilton’s regular party pal Adrian Grenier has spoken out to insist that the pair are not dating. Tango’s Take While his answer verges on rambling, it’s a pretty good one.Although, that’s not to say he isn’t open to the possibility! Online caught up with the Entourage actor at last night's starry HBO bash in Hollywood:"I think she’s absolutely wonderful,” said Adrian when asked about Paris. Paris Hilton really has had a weird, unique experience on Earth.

In addition to acting, Grenier directs and plays in a rock band called The Honey Brothers.

Although gossip column rumors have been eager to pair him with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, Grenier has most recently (and most credibly) been linked to Australian actress Isabel Lucas.

This probably comes as a major relief to a number of his fans.

You know the ones that saw that documentary he did about finding his dad and that like the fact he’s the drummer in a band.

She went on to study business at the Dominican University of California and will make her reality TV debut in Silicon Valley native, Sarah Austin claims to be the Internet’s first “life-caster” by broadcasting her every move for the world to see.

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