Accomodating cuts killeen

We were initially hesitant to rent our home after hearing horror stories from friends and family, until we walked into the offices of John Reider Properties.We met with Danya to talk about the opportunities in renting our home and we’re so glad we did!

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My boyfriend and I rented the apartments on Dove Lane last year and were surprised by how affordable and clean they were! ft apartment we were paying for at Lookout Ridge, for practically the same price.

Anytime we had a problem, Lauren always took care of it, and when we were ready to buy our home and move out, Dustin took care of everything during the inspection and even gave us advice on how to fix it.

Her confidence in their ability to take care of our home and find responsible renters set our minds at ease.

She talked us though the process of owning an income property, answering all our questions and concerns with patience.

I could not have been successful in my new job here in Fort Knox, KY without your dedication, support, and hard work.

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