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Reluctantly he agrees, and the movie tells his story.

The movie is based on a book by the same name by Eric Wilson (Author), Alex Kendrick (Author), Stephen Kendrick (Author).

And some readers undoubtedly will take issue with the notion that a husband is “the head of the house” – a notion somewhat balanced, nonetheless, by the book’s call for men to honor their wives and to recognize their lives’ depths of meaning.

The book also dares each spouse to include the other in decision making.

In the film, serves as a guide to a husband who desperately needs it.

Seeing in the film how far off the mark this husband was at the outset helped me make sense of the “dares” presented in the book’s early chapters.

The Kendrick brothers share this bit of wisdom: “Those who are fine with mediocre marriages can leave their love to chance and hope for the best.

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